Over the years we have developed considerable know-how both in processing and in the development of the finished product
starting from the project. 
Our company has personnel skilled in the use of latest-generation CAD/CAM 2D/3D software.
We have created a sales office working with an in-house technical office with highly specialised technical skills to share our experience.
We offer the following services:
- We work in conjunction with the customer’s technical office at the product design stage.
- We develop the processes/phases required to create the parts.
- We supply material (including forged components, wrought components, special alloys, spun material, structural work):
We manage the processes (with machine tools/grinding/deep drilling/balancing/polishing machinery)
We manager thermal and surface treatments
- We work in conjunction with maintenance departments with:
A regeneration/restoration of worn spare parts
A reconstruction of spare parts from existing ones